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CarryAir, the VTOL with the highest payload in its class
Based on manned aircraft experience...

The CarryAir UAV design makes for a perfect symbiosis of range, payload and reliability. The 6 dedicated hover rotors have a wide diameter and provide thus for efficient operation while in hover mode. The aircraft has a seperate efficient propeller for a quiet operation while in fixed wing flight mode. The reliability is unmatched since it has a six hover rotor design for redundancy.

The aircraft structure is manufactured from aircraft certified materials, same like used for our manned airplanes. The spacious cargo hold is integrated into the wing and does not interfere with aerodynamics during flight. It is also not exposed to external environmental factors.

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CarryAir (LR)

VTOL UAV (Long Range)

  • Electric version with range extender

  • Flight Time approx. 8 hours

  • Cruise speed 75 -95 km/h 

  • 6x hover Propeller 

  • 50 Liter Compartment for Paylod or Sensors 

  • Ballistic parachute optional

  • Long Range Telemetrie and RC Link (20km)

  • Autonomous flight BVLOS possible

  • LTE Link (secured)

  • Detachable Wings and Transportbox on request

CarryAir fully electric (Dual Motor)

VTOL UAV double redundant front electric motor

  • Reduandant dual front motor for transport and flights BVLOS with a cruise speed of 70-90 km/h 

  • Empty weight:                     10,5kg

  • Maximum Take Off Weight:  25 kg

  • Endurance:              up to 250km   

  • 6 x  Propeller for hover  

  • Ballistic parachute optional

  • LTE Link (secured)

  • Long Range Telemetrie and RC Control (20km)

  • Autonomous flight BVLOS possible

  • 50 Liter Compartment for Payload

  • Detachable Wings and Transportbox on request

Every mission needs its own Aircraft. With our Network we are able to design, calculate and build Airplanes up to a size of a 10 Seat Airplane. 
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