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Service Bulletin

We are constantly trying to improve our products and meet customer requirements and environmental conditions.

We are implementing necessary improvements as quickly as possible. 

To ensure that you are informed in good time, we offer a summary here with the latest information on the top. 

If your aircraft is affected by the improvement, please contact us and ask for the current manual which we will send you. 

2024-06  Propeller Setup

The standard 22.2" propellers must only be used up to a hover altitude of 2000 feet MSL.
If you wish to hover at higher altitudes please contact us regarding our 24.5" propellers which can be used at altitudes from 0 - 9000 feet.

2024-03 Battery Voltage

Do not take too much energy from the battery and do not fall below the 45V limit in flight in order to have sufficient power reserves for landing.
If you want to achieve significantly longer flight times, we can offer our new battery types. Please contact us.

2023-01 Stronger Cases

Due to the heavy loads during transportation, especially loading in aircraft, we found that the lightweight cases did not offer sufficient protection. 
If you want to hand over your aircraft to other shippers, we advise you to use our new stronger military grade cases.

2022-02 Flight Controller 

- Herelink / Overheating / Videolink

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