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CarryAir conquers the fall trade fairs: Successful presentations and promising prospects Autumn 2023

The innovative aircraft demonstrated its potential at various trade fairs and impressed both trade visitors and well-known partners.

InterGeo in Berlin: triple success with Riegl, Phoenix Lidar and AeroDCS

Three of our CarryAir drones were presented at InterGeo in Berlin, one of the leading trade fairs for geodesy and geoinformation. The cooperation with renowned laser scanner manufacturers such as Riegl and Phoenix Lidar enabled impressive demonstrations of precise 3D measurements. The integration on the stand of the remote sensing company AeroDCS also demonstrated the versatility of the CarryAir in the field of high-resolution aerial images.

The positive response at InterGeo confirms that we are in the right place at the right time with the CarryAir. The precise design of the drone and its adaptability to leading technologies have aroused great interest among industry experts.

Dubai Airshow and Mining Show: International presence and first orders

Our partner MENA3D is currently presenting a CarryAir drone at the Dubai Airshow. This international stage provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the technological advances and applications of the VTOL drone to a global audience. The positive feedback at the mining show also indicates promising business developments, with initial orders as a pleasing result.

Participation in the Dubai Airshow and the mining show underlines the global relevance of CarryAir and the success of our strategic partnerships. The increasing demand for precise surveying technologies and flexible drone solutions confirms the importance of our innovations for various industries.

Overall, this fall's events show that CarryAir is not only causing a stir on a national, but also on an international level. We are proud to be shaping the future of aviation technology and look forward to more exciting developments and successes in the coming year.

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