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Test Report: Tom Lautenbach from Davies LAB South Africa

The innovative test flight of Tom Lautenbach (Davies LAB) Precisely surveying African landscapes with CarryAir and Phoenix Lidar.


The combination of groundbreaking aviation technology and advanced surveying technology opens up fascinating possibilities in today's world. Tom Lautenbach, working for Davies LAB from Harvard University, recently conducted an exciting test flight of his VTOL aircraft called CarryAir. However, the test flight was not only a technological success, but also a significant step towards precise surveying of African landscapes using the innovative Phoenix Lidar system. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at this exciting test flight and the implications for survey technology.

The test flight:

Tom Lautenbach's CarryAir VTOL aircraft is an impressive feat of aeronautical engineering. It can take off and land vertically and offers exceptional maneuverability. The test flight took place in Germany, where CarryAir was used in conjunction with the state-of-the-art Phoenix Lidar system to make precise surface surveys. The combination of the VTOL aircraft and the lidar system provided unparalleled accuracy and detail in capturing the landscape.

Precise Surveying with Phoenix Lidar:

The Phoenix Lidar system is a pioneering technology that produces high-resolution 3D images of the Earth's surface. It uses laser beams to measure distances and generate detailed terrain models. This precise survey data is invaluable for a variety of applications, from urban planning to environmental monitoring. By combining the CarryAir aircraft with the Phoenix Lidar system, Tom Lautenbach was able to set new standards in surveying African landscapes.

Impact on survey technology:

The test flight of CarryAir with the Phoenix Lidar system has the potential to revolutionize the way we survey landscapes. Traditional surveying methods are often time consuming, costly, and cannot always deliver the desired level of accuracy. However, the combination of VTOL technology and lidar surveying makes it possible to obtain surface information quickly and accurately. This opens up new opportunities for efficient terrain data collection and analysis in Africa and beyond.

Applications in Africa:

Precise surveying of African landscapes with CarryAir and Phoenix Lidar offers numerous benefits for the continent. Africa is characterized by a multitude of ecological, topographical and infrastructural challenges

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